IQ Foam

Introducing our unique cleansing IQ Foam. Its unique formula effectively removes all traces of ink, blood, lymphatic fluid from the tattoo site so quickly that you will not even have time to notice.


  • IQ Foam is an antibacterial foam that is specially developed to clean fresh tattoos and open wounds.
  • IQ Tattoo Foam is mixed and ready to use, and the patent cap makes it easy to use.
  • Disinfects and washes blood and excess ink off easily
  • Available in 50ml – 40 pieces in a box.
  • Available in 150ml – 17 pieces in a box.

The best foam for tattoo care, recommended by professional tattoo artists worldwide!

No animals harmed – tested on humans.

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We present to you our innovative product – IQ Foam. It is very important during the tattooing process that everything is clean to avoid infections. In order to get rid of blood and excess paint, reduce redness and calms the skin you need to use our IQ Foam.

Our cleansing foam is ideal to use during the entire healing process, where it is important to clean the tattoo several times a day before applying aftercare. IQ tattoo Foam can be used throughout the whole tattooing process, however it’s primarily used at the end of the work to wash the tattoo clean.

IQ FOAM was created especially for sensitive tattooed skin to clean fresh tattoos and open wounds. IQ Foam contains Kigelia Africana, which is known for its unique skin rebuilding properties.

Does not contain perfumes, colorants, or parabens.


Wash your hands and tattoo with water and IQ Foam and carefully remove film. The tattoo is then gently rinsed in water and IQ foam so that any excess color and blood is washed away.

Let the tattooed area dry or dab it with a clean tea towel. When it is completely dry, apply an IQ-ality tattoo aftercare for easier and faster healing.

This procedure is repeated 2-3 times daily or as needed.

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