Why private label

For the tattoo industry’s studios, private label is about creating customer loyalty in a market where competition is fierce, but also about securing control over the product range so that you can quickly respond to customers’ needs, and adjust thereafter.

Private Label creation is the same as giving you’r tattoo studio a personality and making it easier for potential new customers to recognize your brand, when meeting you’r studio offline or online.


By labelling products in your own design and logo, and selling your customers the right aftercare products, you are helping them to help you.

The effects of your products being in your customers pockets, bags, or homes with your logo for others to see, gives you priceless awareness and reach locally.

This reach could easily give you an increase in customers, and more mentions and tags online.

Getting a tattoo is a trusted task for customers, and therefor, the more professional you look, the more trust is given to you. Give your customers the complete tattoo experience, also after they’re out of your shop.


The basic purpose of merchandising products, is to strengthen the message of your marketing, just like with any other marketing tool.

With private labeled products, you create advertising for your brand in an important way.

By providing merchandised items with your logo, you can conquer a place for your brand and your business in the brains of your target audience. That is called to be Top-Of-mind.

So when your company is looking for a way to increase its brand value, then the creation of brand awareness is the first step on the way to the goal. You achieve this goal effectively by transferring your brand/logo to items that you can give away or sell to market your business.



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