IQ-ality Aftercare Cream

If you want the healing process of tattoos to be as fast as possible, and the tattoos to remainbright for a long time, then you need our IQ-ality Tattoo Aftercare Cream.

  • Our unique IQ cream formula promotes fast healing and doesn’t stain your clothes
  • This product is made and developed in collaboration with professional tattooists andskincare experts to achieve the best result.
  • Available in 20ml – 100 pieces in a box.
  • Available in 100ml – 12 pieces in a box.

The best cream fortattoo care, recommended by professional tattoo artists worldwide!No animals harmed–tested on humans

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A new tattoo is like an open wound, it is an extremely sensitive area during the healingprocess. So it is necessary to use our IQ-ality aftercare cream to minimize the issues thatmay occur while it is healing. A new tattoo should be treated like a wound, and the KigeliaAfricana fruit will help aid the healing process and restore the skin. IQ-ality aftercare helpsavoid formation of scars and prevents any damage to the skin, your tattoo will remain brightand intact.
This product is 100% made to meet the requirements of the best tattooists. This is a highlydeveloped product that has been tested by the world’s most talentedartists.
IQ-ality aftercare Cream is a moisturizing, nourishing and soothing cream. IQ-ality aftercarecream contains vitamin B5 and Kigelia Africana fruit, which is known for its unique skinrestoring properties. The cream relieves itching and burning and is suitable for preventingand relieving mild forms of skin irritation.
Does not contain perfumes, colorants, or parabens.
Wash your hands and tattoo with water and IQ Foam. Apply a small amount of cream on the
tattooed area.
Gently massage the cream in, leaving only a thin layer of cream between 2-3 times a daywhen the tattoo becomes dry.
With daily use of IQ-ality aftercare cream, you will achieve maximum results and preserve the sharpness of your tattoo.
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100 ml, 20 ml


12, 24, 25, 48, 50, 96, 100, 120


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