IQ Sample Package

Our package sample includes all you need for proper healing and long-term aftercare! 


1x IQ Tattoocare Butter – 250ml
1x IQ Tattoocare Rescue SOS gel – 20ml
1x IQ Tattoocare Foam – 150ml
1x IQ Tattoocare Foam – 50ml
1x IQ Private Label Sample Aftercare – 50ml
1x IQ-ality Aftercare Cream – 100ml
1x IQ-ality Aftercare Cream – 20ml

Does not contain perfumes, colorants, or parabenss.

Shipping is included.

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We have specially created this incredibly effective tattoo care package so that you enjoy the process of getting tattoos, and not worry about caring for them, because we did it for you.

And so let’s find out more about the properties of each of our products.
IQ-ality aftercare cream promotes fast healing and helps avoid formation of scars, your tattoo will remain bright and intact.
IQ Foam is an antibacterial foam that is specially developed to clean fresh tattoos and open wounds, it gently disinfects and washes blood and excess ink off easily.
IQ SOS Rescue Gel  is a bactericidal gel that helps with mild infections, stabilize and support the skin’s natural healing process.

All products are 100% made to meet the requirements of the best tattooists. These are highly developed products that have been tested by the world’s most talented artists.
Does not contain perfumes, colorants, or parabens.

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