IQ Piercing Aftercare

IQ Piercing Spray 
If you want the healing process of piercing to be as fast as possible, which prevents the infection and has no alcohol, then you need our IQ Piercing Aftercare: 

    • All-in 1 piercing aftercare 
    • This product is made and developed in collaboration with professional tattooists and piercing experts to achieve the best result. 
    • Available in 50 ml 

The best spray for piercing care, recommended by professional tattoo artists worldwide! 
No animals harmed – tested on humans. 


IQ piercing aftercare all in one solution is the perfect product when you have had a new piercing.  You can now get rid of inflamed, sore and irritated piercings.  Helps to reduce recovery time, and is antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial.  
This product is 100% made to meet the requirements of the best tattooists. This is a highly developed product that has been tested by the world’s most talented artists.  Does not contain perfumes, colorants, or parabens. 

Wash your hands thoroughly prior to cleaning your piercing. Use only one or two pumps per application. 
Spray IQ Piercing Aftercare directly onto the pierced area and allow it to dry. Repeat 2-3 times per day or as often as needed. 
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