getting privayе labels.

getting private labeld

the steps

1. Send us your design wishes

  • Sketch of your logo or idea
  • Just an IDEA for the logo
No logo?

Write us on

2.Use the correct files format

  • Normal (with transparency)
  • Low (without transparency)
    NOTE: We are dealing with these files, but be ready that it will take more time.
File formats

3. We send you ready product

see examples

4.Final design from IQ

Give your feedback. We need feedback within 2 days,  or there may be delays in the production time.

Ready products

See some examples

5. final design approvement

You get your final Megapack  factory. This is the final design you have to approve within 2 days, or design will be moved to next production.

6. Payment

The agreed invoice must have been payed be now, or your design will be moved to the next production
Payment methods

You can pay with these methods

Appoval time

Keep in 2 days waiting

7. the tubes

30 working days after the final design approval, the tubes are ready to be shipped to the cream factory.

coming soon

8. The cream production

The tubes have arrived at the cream factory and will be ready to be shipped within 4 weeks

we ship your products

Marina coulf you sent me some text

9. Promotion from IQ

Play Video

IQ will make a promotion video for SoMe with all the designs in the production.

10. the studio`s promotion

11. #so me



Give your brand identity & showcase your logo on aftercare products

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