About IQ Tattoocare.

IQ Tattoocare is an innovative company that hopes to be able to influence the way tattoo enthusiasts nurture their body art.

The development of the cream, and the concept, started in 2014.

We collaborate with leading skin professionals and professional tatooists in order to produce the best  tattoo aftercare product.
Our Head Office is located in Hillerød, Denmark.

It is IQ Tattoocare’ goal to supply a range of products to the tattoo industry, which will make it more comfortable to get a tattoo done.

IQ Tattoocare specializes in developing natural products for a safe and effective healing process without the use of harmful chemicals.
Kigelia Africana will be a key ingredient in all our products, because nothing is better than the best.
IQ Tattoocares products are safe for all ages and skin types.

Product integrity, customer service and partnerships with organizations in the body art industry are the essence of IQ Tattoocare.
We are so confident that our products and customer service will exceed your expectations.