Conservs color

You keep the sharpness of the tattoo, and it is important that you do not itch, if crust is falling of, you will at the same time remove some of the tattoo.

Does not contain perfume or colorants.

Tattoo Aftercare Cream is for everyday use. Apply a thin layer over the tattoo. Used 3-5 times daily or as needed.

12 Steps for how to care

  1. You will typically get a bandage from your tattoo artist, let it sit a minimum of 3 hours and maximum 12 hours.
  1. Keep good hygiene, always wash your hands before you touch your newly made tattoo.
  1. Wash the tattoo completely clean with lukewarm water and neutral soap – we recommend 2 times, so it is completely clean.
  1. Make sure that your tattoo is completely dry, dab lightly with a paper towel, remember not to rub.
  1. Keep your hands clean before applying the cream.
  1. Aftercare cream should be used 3-5 times daily. The tattoo should never dry out completely.
  1. Avoid long baths until your tattoo has healed. Avoid swimming pools and bathtub because it is not good for tattoo to be completely under water, but the shower is perfectly fine.
  1. Avoid training – both weightlifting, that stretches your skin, and physical training, which make the skin sweat, both things can affect your healing process.
  1. Do not wear tight or dirty clothes, over your newly made tattoo, avoid bra straps, shoes or anything else that can itch the tattoo. It can all contribute, to your tattoo becoming irritated and can cause scarring and infection.
  1. Avoid to itch, scratch or pick on your tattoo - it can ruin the colors.
  1. Keep the tattooed area away from the sun, sauna, and chlorinated water for one month after you received the tattoo.
  1. Once your tattoo is healed, avoid direct sunlight for about 4 weeks, always use sunscreen on the tattooed area, use factor 50 as the sun Is your worst enemy, it will make your tattoo fade, and a sunburn is bad for the tattoo